Mellow Out Man makes combines the highest quality cacao beans with herbs to make CBD and Kava chocolate. All of Mellow Out Man’s products are FDA compliant and their herbal products boost many health benefits such as antioxidents, stress and anxiety relief, relief for insomnia, helps calm the nervous system. I designed a rebrand to not only elevate the brand but also to highlight the positive medical benefits of the product.

Studying how high quality choclate and cannibis can intersect, I knew I needed the rebrand to scream elegant and expensive. Since I chose to highlight the many medical benefits of the chocolate I also searched for vintage illustrations of body organs to decorate the chocolate wrapping. I found colored tin foil to match my spot colors as well. For typefaces I used Mrs. Eaves Roman and Din Next Shadow to compliment one another. Din Next Shadow made for a nice bold, clean type while as a serif type, Mrs Eaves was elegant.