Dots is a modular typeface created through code. The typeface was created to grapple with the concept of empathy and ableism. Inspired by color blindness charts and tests I wanted to create a microsite that would allow the viewers to interact with the typeface and for their understanding of the type to change as they clicked and hovered with the mouse. Coded as modular dots, parts of the letter forms disappear once the mouse cursor hovers over parts of the letter, changing the meaning of the form. For example the letter form “A” can be altered to a “P.” My intention behind this was to create empathy for those who have to deal with color blindness. 

By gridding a tight structure for my letter forms I was able to create 26 letter forms. I was inspired by color blindness charts and how letter forms and graphic elements are hidden in these charts and depending on your eye sight you can or can’t see them.