Gendered Emojis

A microsite that explores the disparities of gender representation across occupations, emotion, and cultures. 

Emoji Taxonomy
A research intensive project, I dug my hands into studying the history of the Emoji in Japan and it’s evolution from emoticons to a cultural phenomena used internationally. To it’s modern revolution I was curious how emojis reflect the biases of those who create them and how their contextual and cultural meanings can change from platform to platform. Through Emojipedia I was able to source the different disparities and map them in an interactive website. Through my results

I discovered how there were 9 female emojis frowning compared to 3 male emojis frowning. I found 9 male police officer emoijs compared to 2 female police officer emojis. Lastly there were 12 male emojis with turbans and 2 female emojis with turbans.