Ethereal Care is a skincare and beauty brand that designs beautiful products based on your horoscope. Structured by the elements, we design for Earth, Fire, Water, and Air signs. There is a distinct color for each element, and also pattern inspired by star constellations. 

Creating the brand for Ethereal Care was all about creating a system for each sign. I wanted to create a beauty brand that was focused on an aspect of popular culture, and felt that would be an enticing selling point. Elegant and also organic, each element (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) is designed with a distinctive palette color and patterns. I created a dotted grid that could be used to map out constellations of the signs for each element and on top overlaid it with patterns that were inspired by space and stars. For my typefaces Prospectus Semibold Italic, to elevate the brand, Din Next Slab Pro for categories to identify the products, and Futura Condensed Medium for body text and descriptors.