Birthday Fight Club

I was paired with my classmate (Mark Buenafe) in one of my graphic design courses in my undergraduate program. We were tasked with completing a thirty second video that needed to feature typography. Mark and I chose a quote from the iconic movie Fight Club.Using the protagonist, Tyler Durden’s famous quote we set the backdrop of our project in a children’s birthday party. We wanted to contrast a pessimistic quote with the cheerful irony of a young child’s birthday. The quote is as follows, “Listen up maggots, you are not a beautiful or unique snowflake, you are the same decaying organic matter as everyone else.”Our typograpy was set in Cooper Black. Most of the set products were either purchased from party giftstores or hand-crafted. Production played a large role in the creation of this project.

Screen Stills



The moodboard for the project was to use very bright, up-lifting imagery. We wanted the backdrop and scene setting of the project to be very happy and to have a DIY feel of pastel tones and cheer. 


In order to have the best control we could for shooting the stop motion scenes, we created a tight shotlist to plan out each step before production and capturing the scenes.


Each scene took a lot of curation, production and art direction in order to style the scene to how we wanted the look and feel of photoshoot to go.