Chronicle Books Fellowship Poster

Completed for my fellowship program, the four design fellows (including myself) were tasked with creating an engaging poster to encourage college students, and creatives to apply for the next fellowship track. Chronicle is a very quirky, fun, and eclectic work environment. One of my first observations joining Chronicle was how my coworkers keep fun memorabilia and items at at their desk. For the fellowship poster I was influenced by childhood nostalgia; I SPY books. I collected items from the desks of my co workers as well as niche publishing materials, photographed them and compiled them into a digital composition with a call to action to find the next round of design fellows.


Book spreads from original I SPY childrens series.

I photographed all the collected items and I found and edited them in photoshop and lightroom. 

Typographic Exploration

The typefaces I settled with were Plantin, Gotham, and Neutra Text.

Early Design Iterations

Initially when I began my process I wanted to style and create interesting compositions and then layer typography on top. I quickly realized that to stay true to the I Spy look and feel, I needed to photograph all the items seperately. In post-production I then would edit all the photographed items cleanly and redistribute them in the poster not accurate to scale in order to give the align with poster with I Spy’s visual brand. 

Secondary Iterations

After editing and photographing all the items, I explored different backgrounds, typographic choices, and compostions to set all the information needed for the poster. Figuring out the perfect balance of negative space in the poster took a lot of finesse.

Color Exploration