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This project studies the importance of labor unions in the political landscape of the Silicon Valley. Shuttle drivers, servers, cafeteria workers, and security guards alike all make very meager wages compared to the engineers and other pivotal roles within these large tech companies despite working for the same  employer. This project highlights the vast wage disparities within the Silicon Valley and highlights the tangible benefits of a labor union, and targets those who work in tech (the high earning players) to pay attention and advocate for those who don’t.

Referencing the work of Corita Kent and Barbara Krueger I knew I wanted this piece to be text heavy and emphasize color as a tool to draw the viewer’s attention. For typefaces I used Cooper Black and Alterate Gothic 3. I wanted a more decorative text as well as a clean typeface to create a clear underly message below the bold Cooper Black typeface. This project relies heavily on the text narrative. Color was an important tool in conjunction with the typefaces to draw the attention of audiences(those working in tech). Utilizing the bright yellow background the color are bright and popping to help create the graphic fold outs and posters that question the culture behind large technology companies; asking if workers know their bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and those in the service industry.