Whimsy Application

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Defining the problem

Moving can be stressful. There is often a lack of resources for pet owners to integrate quickly and efficiently into their community outside of veterinary services and dog daycares. It can be even more stressful on your dog. Buddy is a creative solution for pet owners!

Like a dating app, Buddy utilizes user’s locations to help connect them with other dog owners and dogs in their community. Match and connect with other dog owners to help socialize your dog and spark meetups.


Discovery Phase 

Completing market research allowed me to examine two market areas: subscription based services and applications that catered to childhood education and creative stimulation.


I completed five in-depth user interviews asking multiple informants about their process educating and spending time with their children. We spoke in-depth about their pain points, creative motivations, and educational resources in their daily routines. 

Profile Highlight

From these five interviews I was able to break down my participants into three existing archetypes. Designing for the time-constrained working parent was a integral need as most of my informants were strapped for work-life balance and optimizing time spent with their children after work hours or on weekends. 

Identifying the issues

Affinity Mapping

User Maps and Journey Mapping

Low & Mid Fidelity Wireframes

Brand Logo 

Brand Guide

UI Guide

Prototype Iterations

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What I learned...