President’s Day Sale Campaign

Working with the Chronicle Books brand team, marketing team, and our in-house photographer I designed and illustrated holiday patterns for our social media channels and blogs. We created a book gift to engage our instagram followers for the twelve days leading up to Christmas. Our marketing team created twelve categories of books which I illustrated. These categories were for animal lovers, creatives, stargazers, motivation seekers, pop culture, cocktail aficionados, foodies, book lovers, kids and teens, letter-writing, and stocking stuffers. Special thanks to Liz Rico, for art direction as well as the marketing team and Naomi McColloch for the beautiful photos.

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The social analytics results for December showed that the 12 Days of Giveaways campaigns had the highest social media engagement rate in three categories of our books; Art, Children’s, and Food + Lifestyle. Our Art + Design category had the highest impression rate of the season.